As announced last year in our final video, we have shut down the Merchz live prices and everyone with an active subscription has been refunded.

We have also turned off the forums to temporarily counter mass spam bots. You can still reach out to us through PM or email if necessary!

Thank you for your time with us, it's been a great journey and we wish you all the best in the future.
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Merchz Logs > 150gp's Merchz Log
150gp's Merchz Log +520 (66.67%)
Turning 150gp into ???
Let's see what I can do hahaha.

Please note that I haven't played OSRS since like 2004 lmfao.
0.00M/1M (0.052%)
Image (Hover to see)Item Name# Buy -> Sell Profit (% )
Active flip - 3/6/18 - 11:47AMSmall steps... Lol
Bronze dagger2018 -> 32280 (77.78%)
Active flip - 3/5/18 - 3:05PM
Iron arrow605 -> 660 (20%)
Inactive flip - 3/5/18 - 10:58AM
Bronze dagger620 -> 50180 (150%)